With more than 12 years of experience working with dentists and dental specialty practices, My Social Practice has become known as one of the most reliable and cost effective dental marketing companies in the industry.  If you haven’t been introduced to My Social Practice yet, just read some of their Google reviews!  They are widely known as the first marketing company to create an effective social media marketing solution for Dentists and Orthodontists. Leveraging their award winning creative and copywriting team, My Social Practice continues to lead the industry with easy and effective content ideas and dental marketing campaigns. Rounding out their dental digital marketing services, they now offer superior designed websites and Google Maps SEO.

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Crown Council was created in response to a request from some of the most successful dentists in the world who wanted to create a community where they can focus daily on creating a Culture of Success™️ in their practice. A place where they can leverage the most important asset that YOU have in your practice which is your TEAM.

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In 1976, Dr. Dan Fischer saw the need for a product that achieved more rapid, profound hemostasis, so he invented the groundbreaking Astringedent™ hemostatic solution. The success of Astringedent hemostatic led to more advanced, innovative dental solutions and Ultradent Products, Inc., was created. Now, over 40 years later, we are a global dental supply and manufacturing company with multiple industry-leading products. Ultradent’s products are used worldwide by dentists, group practices, government agencies, and universities. Our passion to improve oral health has made Ultradent the incredible company it is today.

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Have you ever wished you could accurately determine how much your internet search marketing was actually returning to your practice? Lane Anderson founded ProspectaMarketing in 2003 with a unique approach to internet search marketing that does just that.

ProspectaMarketing has helped generate millions and millions of dollars in new patient revenue for dentists across the U.S. and Canada. We help our clients connect what happens online with what converts offline in the practice. As an internet dental marketing agency, we serve a number of dental practices that are committed to growing successfully with expert online marketing. Those same practices are committed to delivering a quality of care that is commensurate with our marketing messages.

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